We Are All One


We Are All One

A Chinese Tale

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Long ago, there was a rich man with a disease in his eyes. For many years, the pain was so great that he could not sleep at night. He saw every doctor he could, but none of them could help him. “What good is all my money?” he groaned. Finally, he became so desperate that […]

A Purse of Gold

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Author Unknown A beggar found a leather purse that someone had dropped in the marketplace. Opening it, he discovered that it contained 100 pieces of gold. Then he heard a merchant shout, “A reward! A reward to the one who finds my leather purse!” Being an honest man, the beggar came forward and handed the […]

Anansi’s and Turtle’s Feast

A West African Folktale

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One day during the holidays the spider everyone knows as Anansi, the famous trickster, was just about to sit down to enjoy a meal when Turtle crawled past his house. Turtle had been traveling all day long, and he was terribly hungry. When he smelled Anansi’s cooking, his mouth began to water, and he imagined […]

The dog and the wolf

A Tale from Ukraine

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Once upon a time on a farm in the Ukraine, there lived a family who owned a flock of sheep and several acres of land. For years the family’s faithful sheepdog, Sirko, herded the sheep into the faraway pastures every day at dawn. In the evening, he herded them back to the barn. Sirko worked […]

Why the Leaves Have Many Colors in Autumn

A Wyandot (Huron) Legend

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Bear was selfish and proud. He often made trouble among the Animals of the Great Council. When he heard that Deer had walked over the Rainbow Bridge into the sky land he was angry. “I will punish the deer,” he said. Bear went to the Rainbow Bridge. He leaped along its beautiful way of glowing […]

Mussa and Najib

while this version is as retold by Sarah Malone, we would like more information on its origin if yo have an idea

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Mussa and Najib were friends.  Mussa was the wealthy one, but Najib was his faithful partner. One day Mussa needed to go on a great long journey across the desert.  He prepared well for the journey bringing his servants and his camels, and he invited Najib to go along. The two men decided this was […]

How Till Eulenspiegel Teaches a Donkey to Read

A tale from Germany

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At one time in his travels Eulenspiegel began visiting one University after another and at each he made himself out to be a very learned person. He maintained that he was an expert in all subjects and knew just about everything. As a matter of fact, being really quite smart, he was able to correctly […]

Juan Bobo and the Robbers

A tale from Puerto Rico

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Once upon a time many years ago, there was a boy who was so lazy that he seemed stupid. Although he really tried to behave himself, he did nothing but say and do silly things. That is why the whole world, except his intelligent and hard-working mother, called him Juan Bobo. “Go to the market […]

The Tiger and the Frog

A Tale From Tibet

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Once upon a time, in the days when the world was young and all animals understood each other’s languages, an old tiger named Tsuden went out hunting for some food. As he was creeping quietly along the banks of a stream a frog saw him and was badly scared. He thought, “This tiger is coming […]

The Legend of the Bluebonnet

A Comanche Legend

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Long ago in the land we now call Texas there was a drought.  It had not rained for a long, long time.  The ground was so dry and parched that nothing grew and the animals and the Comanche Indian people who lived there were dying of hunger. The people had danced and drummed and prayed […]

Great Joy

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A Buddhist Tale from India Once, long ago, a poor brahmin was given an ox calf in repayment for a debt. The calf was the Buddha in an earlier birth. The brahmin delighted in the tiny creature and cared for it well. And the ox, with the man’s care, grew and grew. When fully grown […]

The Sun, the Moon and the Fire Dog

An eclipse folk tale from Korea

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It is said that just as the world has many different countries, the sky has many different lands. One of these lands is called the Dark Land as it is submerged in total blackness without any light from any sun or any moon. The people of this world have always had to live in a […]

The Collared Crow

A tale from Africa

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Once upon a time there were a man and his wife who had lived together for years, but they had no children to look after them in their old age. This was very sad for them, but they had no idea what to do about it. You can neither make nor order children, nor do […]

Truth & Story

Retold by Germaine Dietsch, with permission of Bobby Norfolk, from his book, The Moral of the Story

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At the beginning of time, Truth walked naked upon the earth. His body was strong and muscular. His skin was smooth and shining. He was beautiful. Whenever he walked into a village, he would call out, “I am Truth! Come gather around and listen to what I have to teach you.” But no one would […]

The North Wind and the Sun

Unknown Author

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Once in a far-away time on a cool winter day the North Wind and the Sun were having an argument about who was the strongest. “Let us decide by having a contest,” said the Sun. They looked down from the sky and saw a man walking on a winding road. He was wearing a warm […]

Not Our Problem

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Adapted from “Peace Tales” by Margaret Read MacDonald Once upon a time in Persia, a Caliph sat in his palace with his advisor eating rice cakes and honey.  They were leaning out the palace window overlooking the busy marketplace below.  They watched the vendors and shoppers and animals as they moved about. “Come,” said the […]

A Tale for Earth Day Students in a high school class who had been discussing environmental challenges said to their teacher, “It’s such a worldwide problem, what can we do about it?”  In response their teacher told them this old tale: Once there was a wise old man. He was so wise he could answer […]

The Sheep, the Lamb, the Wolf, and the Hare

A tale from Tibet

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Once upon a time there lived an old sheep in a low-lying valley of Tibet, and every year she, with her lamb, were in the habit of leaving the valley during the early months of summer, and going up on to the great northern plateau, where grass is plentiful, and where many sheep and goats […]

Thanks to drummer Stephen Sharpe and Laurie Loeb for passing on this African folktale Once upon a time, in Africa, the rains didn’t fall one year. So the plants and trees didn’t grow food, so all the animals were very hungry. Now there were four animal friends who remembered there was a magic tree in […]

A tale from England St. George, a knight from England, traveled for many months by land and sea until he came to Libya. There he met a poor hermit who told him that everyone in that land was in great distress, for a dragon had long ravaged the country. “Every day,” said the old man, […]

Native American Story from the Sammish people of the Northwest (This is a Native American Story from the Sammish people of the Northwest as heard told on the web by Johnny Moses whose traditional name is Walking Medicine.) Long ago there lived a very large grandmother cedar tree.  She was tall and strong, but she […]

Why the Sun and Moon Live in the Sky

A folktale from Africa

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Many years ago, the sun and water were great friends, and they both lived on the earth together. The sun very often used to visit the water, but the water never returned the visits. At last the sun asked the water why he never visited. The water replied that the sun’s house was not big […]

The King with Horse’s Ears

A Tale from Ireland

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The story I’m going to tell you is not to be met every day. I heard little Tom Kennedy, the great schoolmaster of Rossard, say that he read it in the history of Ireland, and that it happened before the people were Christian. It is about a king who had his hair cut only once […]

A Trickster Tale with Roots in America, the West Indies and Africa Was a time, these two breathed the same air. Only, Wren sat his chattering self on the fence rail. And Bruh Buzzard, he soared way high in the sky. Each could see the other. Wren could look up and see the buzzard shape […]

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