Anansi and His Sons

An African tale as retold by Eshu Bumps When Anansi’s first son was born and Anansi and his wife, Aso were ready to name the child, the baby spoke up and said, “I have brought my own name with me. It is See Trouble.” Their second son also announced his name in this way. He […]

Looking back 11 years, I discovered several motivating characteristics that helped in founding Littleton Spellbinders – the four “Ps”. They were: Passion for the program and for bringing quality storytelling to the Littleton Public Schools; Purpose in giving back to our community in a way that might positively affect the character of our young listeners […]

It was October 1998, at the Pumpkin Patch when the idea of a Jeffco Spellbinders chapter germinated. My church had asked me to tell stories to the Kindergarten and 1st Grades who came to pick out a $1 pumpkin. Sarah Jurney, mother of four school-age children was a mom-chaperone with her child’s Kindergarten. “I have […]

One clear day in the late 1980’s, I met at Park Place with a small group of seniors who wanted to share stories with elementary school-age children in individual classrooms. Germaine Dietsch, the master mind behind this idea, had asked me to come open them up to the world, techniques, and magic of crafting stories […]

While I was busily working with what became the first Spellbinders Chapter, Denver, Al, my husband, was thinking about sustainability and how to expand the idea to other areas. It was his idea to file the Articles of Incorporation in 1990. To further help spread the idea, I engaged a retired advertising executive, artist and […]

When Germaine and Al Dietsch arrived in Colorado in the 1980s, she was unsettled about a lot of things: what should she do with her education, what about a career and her family. As she wrestled with these questions, Germaine came upon the opportunity of her life through a connection with Annabel Clark at the […]

My love of storytelling began as a child, but it wasn’t until attending Norma Livo’s Storytelling Conference in the 1980s did I realize that people could actually tell stories to real audiences, not just their own children. It was during one of those early conferences that I heard about Germaine Dietsch and her experiences with […]

I had the good luck of sitting next to a Spellbinders storyteller at the 2001 Rocky Mountain Storytellers’ Conference. At the time I was Head of Children’s and Teen Services at the Longmont Public Library where one of my duties was to supervise volunteers in my department. I immediately became fascinated by the idea of […]

A Great Flood

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 A Native American Tale In ancient times, there were so many people in the land that they lived everywhere. Soon hunting became bad and food scarce, so that the people quarreled over hunting territories. Even in those days, the people were skilled in making fine canoes and paddles from cedars, and clothing and baskets from […]

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