The Toy Maker – A December Tale for Tandem Telling

The Toy Maker – A December Tale for Tandem Telling

Written by Grandbear of Jeffco Spellbinders

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PEARL: Grandbear, will you tell me another story? GB: Sure, How about one from the Winter Solstice celebrations of the animals that live around my cousin’s ranch in Montana? The deer, for example, like to tell stories for eight nights in a row. One story is about their distant cousins, the reindeer, who lived way […]

The Magic Pomegranate

As retold by Peninnah Schram in the book Jewish Stories One Generation Tells Another

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  Once there were three brothers who loved adventure. One day they decided to go on a journey, each one to a different country, and to meet again on a certain day ten years later. Each brother was to bring back with him an unusual gift. The oldest brother decided to go to the East. […]

The Christmas Truce of 1914

The Christmas Truce of 1914 is one of the most remarkable incidents of World War I and perhaps of all military history. Starting in some places on Christmas Eve and in others on Christmas Day, the truce covered as much as two-thirds of the British-German front, with thousands of soldiers taking part. Perhaps most remarkably, it grew out of no single initiative but sprang up in each place spontaneously and independently. Nearly everything described here is drawn from first-hand accounts in letters and diaries of the time. Britishisms include using Nowell instead of Noël, and football instead of soccer.

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Christmas Day, 1914 My dear sister Janet, It is 2:00 in the morning and most of our men are asleep in their dugouts—yet I could not sleep myself before writing to you of the wonderful events of Christmas Eve. In truth, what happened seems almost like a fairy tale, and if I hadn’t been through […]

A Tale for All Seasons

by Kurt Kauter -- Adapted for telling to students by Spellbinders Storyteller Sandy Magnuson

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Once upon a time, a very long time ago, a sparrow looked at its friend, the dove, and asked a rather interesting question. “Tell me. What is the weight of a snowflake?” The dove answered, “Nothing. Nothing more than nothing.” The sparrow persisted. “In that case, please let me tell you a marvelous story. A […]

A Nicholas Christmas Miracle

by Judy Lehmkuhl of Jeffco Spellbinders

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Way out in eastern Colorado, so far east if you fell out of bed you might roll into Kansas, there was a little town named Nicholas. The town was named for Hiram Nicholas, one of the earliest settlers in the area. Hiram had a general store, where he sold eggs from his chickens and milk […]

The Girl Who Conquered the Winter Witch

A tale from Bulgaria

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One year, the wicked Winter Witch decided to stop spring from coming on time and make winter the only season on Earth. She hid the Sun behind dark clouds and covered the Earth with heavy snow. So one morning the people from a small mountain village woke up and found their houses buried under the […]

The Trolls and the Great Big Cat

A Norwegian Tale

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Once upon a time in a village in the snowy Norwegian mountains, there lived a tailor and his family. They were known throughout the village as being the kindest of families, always willing to help out when a neighbor was down on his luck. And yet, their own luck was not so good. Every year […]

Rich Woman, Poor Woman

A Tale from Flanders

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On a cold winter night, long ago, Mars took a walk along with his favorite bird on earth. Towards nightfall he let the bird knocked at a rich peasant’s door. The farmer’s wife was busy making pancakes in her cozy kitchen. Her little chubby baby was watching her as she poured the batter into the […]

Sir Cleges and the Christmas Cherries

An Arthurian Legend

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At the court of Uther Pendragon there had lived a brave knight called Sir Cleges. When Uther had died, Sir Cleges retired to lands near Cardiff in Wales with his wife and family. Sir Cleges was a kind and generous man, perhaps too generous. He always helped anyone in need, by loans of money that […]

The Rare Book

author unknown

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There was a young boy who loved to read books. He read everything he could get his hands on. He loved going to his favorite bookstore and browsing through the new titles. One day, the boy realized that he had read everything the store had to offer. He confronted the owner and asked if he […]

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