The Magic Pomegranate


The Magic Pomegranate

As retold by Peninnah Schram in the book Jewish Stories One Generation Tells Another

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Once there were three brothers who loved adventure. One day they decided to go on a journey, each one to a different country, and to meet again on a certain day ten years later. Each brother was to bring back with him an unusual gift. The oldest brother decided to go to the East. When […]

The dog and the wolf

A Tale from Ukraine

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Once upon a time on a farm in the Ukraine, there lived a family who owned a flock of sheep and several acres of land. For years the family’s faithful sheepdog, Sirko, herded the sheep into the faraway pastures every day at dawn. In the evening, he herded them back to the barn. Sirko worked […]

A Great Flood

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 A Native American Tale In ancient times, there were so many people in the land that they lived everywhere. Soon hunting became bad and food scarce, so that the people quarreled over hunting territories. Even in those days, the people were skilled in making fine canoes and paddles from cedars, and clothing and baskets from […]

How Till Eulenspiegel Teaches a Donkey to Read

A tale from Germany

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At one time in his travels Eulenspiegel began visiting one University after another and at each he made himself out to be a very learned person. He maintained that he was an expert in all subjects and knew just about everything. As a matter of fact, being really quite smart, he was able to correctly […]

Baba Yaga

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A folktale from Russia Somewhere, I cannot tell you exactly where, but certainly in vast Russia, there lived a peasant with his wife and they had twins — a son and daughter. One day the wife died and the husband mourned over her very sincerely for a long time. One year passed, and two years, […]

Why the Leaves Have Many Colors in Autumn

A Wyandot (Huron) Legend

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Bear was selfish and proud. He often made trouble among the Animals of the Great Council. When he heard that Deer had walked over the Rainbow Bridge into the sky land he was angry. “I will punish the deer,” he said. Bear went to the Rainbow Bridge. He leaped along its beautiful way of glowing […]

Molly’s Pilgrim

A story written by Barbara Cohen as adapted for oral telling by Germaine Dietsch

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Molly was miserable at the school in Winter Hill. In Winter Hill her classmates laughed at her… they laughed at the way she talked and the way she dressed. Elizabeth laughed most of all which was so embarrassing to Molly that she never raised her hand to answer a question.  But sometimes the teacher, Miss […]

Tricksters Tricking Tricksters

Lev Ropes

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Why Dogs Chase Cats

A Virginia Folktale as retold by S.E. Schlosser on

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Once long ago, Dog was married to Cat. They were happy together, but every night when Dog came home from work, Cat said she was too sick to make him dinner. Dog was patient with this talk for a while, but he soon got mighty tired of fixing dinner for them both after a hard […]

Why the Sun and Moon Live in the Sky

A folktale from Africa

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Many years ago, the sun and water were great friends, and they both lived on the earth together. The sun very often used to visit the water, but the water never returned the visits. At last the sun asked the water why he never visited. The water replied that the sun’s house was not big […]

A folk tale from Africa Long, long ago there lived, in a village called Keejee′jee, a woman whose husband died, leaving her with a little baby boy. She worked hard all day to get food for herself and child, but they lived very poorly and were most of the time half-starved. When the boy, whose […]

The Giant’s Stairs

An Irish Legend

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Near the cliff of Carrigmahon on the Irish coast are huge rocks piled up one above another which are known as the Giant’s Stairs, because that is what they look like. The story runs that the giant Mahon MacMahon lived in a cave somewhere hidden among the rocks, that he had climbed up there when […]

We Are All One

A Chinese Tale

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Long ago, there was a rich man with a disease in his eyes. For many years, the pain was so great that he could not sleep at night. He saw every doctor he could, but none of them could help him. “What good is all my money?” he groaned. Finally, he became so desperate that […]

The Dog and the Pig

A tale from India as retold from 'When the World was Young', by Verrier Elwin.

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A man kept two animals — a dog and a pig. He kept them in the hope that they would help him in his work. But he was sorely disappointed. All they did was eat and eat and eat. They did nothing else. Finally, the man decided to get strict. He told the animals to […]

The Strange Visitor

From When The Lights Go Out: Twenty Scary Tales To Tell by Margaret Read MacDonald

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There was an old woman sat all alone in her cabin one night spinning her wool. And so she sat, and so she spun, and so she waited for someone to come. Then there came a knocking on the door. Come in! Called the old woman. Screeeeak went the door. And in came a pair […]

Native American Story from the Sammish people of the Northwest (This is a Native American Story from the Sammish people of the Northwest as heard told on the web by Johnny Moses whose traditional name is Walking Medicine.) Long ago there lived a very large grandmother cedar tree.  She was tall and strong, but she […]

The Irish version of Cinderella King Aedh Cúrucha lived in Tir Conal, and he had three daughters, whose names were Fair, Brown, and Trembling. Fair and Brown had new dresses, and went to church every Sunday. Trembling was kept at home to do the cooking and work. They would not let her go out of […]

When Eulenspiegel Baked Owls and Monkeys

A tale from Germany

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On one of his travels, Till came to the city of Braunschweig and looked for an inn that he’d heard about. Not finding it, he stopped at a bakery and asked the baker how he might locate it and the baker gave him very good and clear directions. However, when done, the baker asked, “By […]

Conquering Fear

A folk tale found in many parts of the world

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Once upon a time, there lived a boy who was so shy and fearful of the world around him that his family called him Miobe, frightened one. “Why do you call me that?” the boy asked his grandfather. The old man laughed. “Because you are afraid,” he answered. The boy’s grandmother, his mother, his father […]

The King with Horse’s Ears

A Tale from Ireland

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The story I’m going to tell you is not to be met every day. I heard little Tom Kennedy, the great schoolmaster of Rossard, say that he read it in the history of Ireland, and that it happened before the people were Christian. It is about a king who had his hair cut only once […]

Jabu and the Lion

A Traditional Zulu Story

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“Kwasuka sukela…” There was a young herdboy named Jabu (jah’-boo). He took great pride in the way in which he cared for his father’s cattle. And his father had many cows – over 25! It was quite a task to keep these silly creatures out of trouble, away from the farmers mealies (corn) and out […]

A tale from England St. George, a knight from England, traveled for many months by land and sea until he came to Libya. There he met a poor hermit who told him that everyone in that land was in great distress, for a dragon had long ravaged the country. “Every day,” said the old man, […]

Gold Tree and Silver Tree

Scottish fairy tale collected by Joseph Jacobs in his Celtic Fairy Tales. It is Aarne-Thompson type to Snow White.

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Once upon a time there was a king who had a wife, whose name was Silver-tree, and a daughter, whose name was Gold-tree. On a certain day of the days, Gold-tree and Silver-tree went to a glen, where there was a well, and in it there was a trout. Said Silver-tree, “Troutie, bonny little fellow, […]

Rich Woman, Poor Woman

A Tale from Flanders

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On a cold winter night, long ago, Mars took a walk along with his favorite bird on earth. Towards nightfall he let the bird knocked at a rich peasant’s door. The farmer’s wife was busy making pancakes in her cozy kitchen. Her little chubby baby was watching her as she poured the batter into the […]

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