Spellbinders Preamble, Purpose, and Principles

These documents are the basis for Spellbinders® decisions and actions and knit the Spellbinders Resource Center and all the Chapters together.


We, the members of Spellbinders®, are volunteers who love storytelling and embrace the joy and power of stories.  We believe that oral storytelling:

  • Is a natural avenue to help children develop literacy skills by engendering a love of stories, both oral and written.
  • Builds connections between generations, eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart.
  • Shares the wisdom, values, humor and sense of community embodied in stories of all cultures throughout time.
  • Fosters awareness of the importance of virtues such as mutual respect, integrity, perseverance, empathy and cooperation.


Through the art of oral storytelling, Spellbinders® enhances literacy, encourages character development, and builds intergenerational community.


  1. Our storytellers freely choose stories with knowledge of and respect for the audience and our organization.
  2. Our storytellers strive to serve as role models of respect, tolerance, empathy and compassion.
  3. Our storytellers share their gifts most effectively in small classroom or community settings.
  4. Our storytellers and organization engage in practices that ensure a safe and respectful environment for themselves and their listeners.
  5. Our storytellers are trained according to the Spellbinders Workshop Training Manual© by trainers certified by the Spellbinders Resource Center.
  6. Our storytellers take responsibility for their growth as storytellers.
  7. Our organization helps members improve their storytelling skills.
  8. Our Spellbinders Resource Center facilitates communication among all parts of the organization.
  9. Our Spellbinders Resource Center, Chapters and individual storytellers share best practices and talents with each other to strengthen the entire organization.
  10. Our Executive Director, the Council of Trustees, Chapter Leaders and their appointed Chapter members are the designated spokespeople for the organization.
  11. Our spokespeople and storytellers represent Spellbinders in ways that are consistent with the Preamble, Purpose and Principles of the organization.
  12. Official Spellbinders Chapters organize and govern in ways that are consistent with the Preamble, Purpose and Principles.
  13. Our decisions fairly represent the diversity of affected interests; no individual, Chapter, or interest dominates.
  14. Our organization respects and safeguards the privacy of our members’ personal data in accordance with internal policy and/or as required by law.
  15. Our Spellbinders Resource Center, Chapters and individual storytellers comply with all state and federal laws, including those that protect our charitable status.
  16. Our organization does not discriminate against any individual or group and welcomes the gift of diversity.
  17. Each part of our organization commits to ongoing improvement through the collection and evaluation of data that demonstrates the scope and effectiveness of our work.
  18. Our organization strives to establish effective relationships with local school districts.
  19. Our organization seeks effective relationships with other potential community partners that help us realize our Preamble, Purpose and Principles, such as libraries, service organizations, and senior centers.
  20. Each part of our organization assumes primary responsibility for securing financial and other resources sufficient to meet its own needs.
  21. The Resource Center’s financial support comes from donations, grants, fees and Chapters.
  22. Our organization is committed to operating with efficiency, accountability and transparency.