Standards & Guidelines

Spellbinders Standards and Guidelines

 Through the art of oral storytelling, Spellbinders® enhances literacy, encourages character development and builds intergenerational community.

(1) Spellbinders® volunteers must have successfully completed a Spellbinders® Training Workshop and signed this commitment form.

(2) All active Spellbinders® volunteers must agree to uphold the Spellbinders® Preamble, Purpose and Principles and sign a commitment to comply with these Standards and Guidelines.

(3) Spellbinders® volunteers must ensure that a member of the school/facility staff is present while telling stories to children in schools and institutions to preserve a safe and respectful environment for all.

(4) Spellbinders® volunteers understand that performance or “platform” storytelling for a large audience is not an appropriate setting for a Spellbinders® program. Spellbinders® mission is best fulfilled in small, informal settings.

(5) Spellbinders® volunteers are encouraged to annually give a certain number of programs on a purely volunteer basis in venues designated by their local Chapter.

(6) Spellbinders® volunteers endeavor not only to entertain their audiences, but also to tell stories that are age-appropriate, respectful of the audience, and encourage positive character development and cross-cultural understanding.

(7) Spellbinders® volunteers respect and honor the stories they tell, the sources of their stories, and their responsibility to the art of storytelling.

(8) Spellbinders® volunteers must not discuss religious, political, or sexual matters with their listeners while storytelling and should never initiate any close physical contact with the children.

(9) Spellbinders® volunteers understand that they are accountable for their storytelling commitments by either keeping their commitments or making alternative arrangements.

(10) Spellbinders® volunteers take responsibility for continuing education and for seeking feedback and evaluating their own performance as a storyteller.

(11) Spellbinders® volunteers share their own experiences and talents with other Spellbinders® storytellers and are encouraged to participate regularly in monthly Chapter meetings.

(12) Spellbinders® volunteers document their storytelling activities and regularly report that data to the designated Chapter person.

(13) Spellbinders® volunteers should wear a Spellbinders® nametag while volunteering.

(14) If a Spellbinders® volunteer has gained experience as a volunteer and wishes to work outside of the Spellbinders® organization as a paid professional storyteller, the following guidelines shall apply:

(a) To remain a member of her/his Spellbinders® Chapter, the storyteller must commit to perform the minimum amount of volunteer storytelling required by the Chapter.

(b) When approached by a potential client, she/he must determine whether the request is for professional or volunteer service and inform the client accordingly.

(c) When an assignment for a fee is the direct result of the volunteer’s connection to Spellbinders®, it is appropriate for the teller to donate 15 percent of the fee received to her/his local Chapter or to the national Spellbinders® Resource Center.

(15) Nothing in these Standards and Guidelines shall prohibit Spellbinders® volunteers from accepting reimbursement for their travel expenses.


I have read and I agree to comply with the above Standards and Guidelines of Spellbinders®. I also understand that when giving programs under Spellbinders® auspices, I am performing as a volunteer representing the organization in ways consistent with the Preamble, Purpose, and Principles of Spellbinders®.