The Cracked Pot

The Cracked Pot

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An Indian Folktale

A water-bearer fills two large clay pots with water from the river many times every day to bring water to the house of his master.  The pots hang by a rope from either side of a wooden yoke across his shoulders.  The pot on one side of the yoke has a crack in it that leaks water.  It is always half empty by the time he reaches the house. The other pot is perfect and stays full.

One day the cracked pot speaks to the water carrier.  I’m so sorry I can’t hold all the water you fill me with like the perfect does.”

“You should not be sorry”, said the water-bearer..

“But I am miserable because I make so much more work for you.  I wish I was as  good as the perfect pot.”

“Do not be miserable,” said the water-bearer, “You do something that the perfect cannot do.  Have you noticed all the flowers on your side of the path where I carry you from the river?  There are lovely flowers growing there because of the water you leak.  There are no flowers on the perfect pot’s side.

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