Storytelling Links

The sites we list have excellent resource materials and also provide other links that can take you further on a web journey, should you care to travel on.

Organizations that promote storytelling – Rocky Mountain Storytellers promotes storytelling in the Rocky Mountain region. – Storybug is compiled by professional storyteller Karen Chace with resources on telling stories and crafts and songs to accompany them. – The International Storytelling Center inspires and empowers people around the world to capture and tell their stories, listen to the stories of others, and use storytelling to produce positive change. – National Storytelling Network is a resource for storytellers, teachers and anyone else who wishes to learn more about storytelling.

Art of Storytelling – educational, stories –  Art of Storytelling Show  features Oracle Award Winner Brother Wolf interviewing the best in the storytelling community. – Eldrbarry. net  has wonderful links, ideas and storytelling tips. – Kendall Haven is a senior research scientist turned award-winning author and storyteller, Haven has become a recognized expert on the structure of stories, on the process of writing, and on the use of stories in education. – Univ of Pittsburgh is the mother lode of story content. This site contains links to literally hundreds of folktales. These stories can be downloaded and printed out. –  Story arts contains a number of useful resources as well as several lesson plan and activity ideas. – Story is a resource for fairy tales, folklore, fables, nursery rhymes, myths and legends. –  has a content-rich source that includes articles, storyteller information, and stories to read and hear. – Tim Sheppard has a number of links to other sites and resources as well as storytelling tips and articles. There are several links here to free down-loadable classic books and audios. –  Yes alliance of the Youth, Educators, and Storytellers is a group which promotes youth storytelling and storytelling to youth. storytelling-guide/ – A great list of links to other storytelling sites.