Fun-loving, caring volunteers wanted!

Come join us to:

Ignite imaginations Build literacy Connect the generations

Upcoming training dates listed for each Chapter

Yes, you can become a storyteller! Let our 4-day workshop show you the storytelling magic inside of you. All Spellbinders storytellers are trained, supported and placed by a Local Chapter. Click here to locate our existing Chapters and connect with the Chapter about upcoming training dates.

Purpose of volunteer position: Spellbinders trains people – just like you – in the art of oral storytelling and places them as volunteer storytellers in their local schools. Volunteers return to the same classrooms each month, forming mentoring relationships with the children. All children need to know that they are cherished by their community. Just the act of being there, even if you are a novice storyteller still developing your art, exposes children to positive, character-building role models, both in the stories, and in you.

Storytelling brings literacy, art and multi-cultural ideas to both older adults and eager young listeners. The eye-to-eye contact and the gestures that accompany oral storytelling increase aural comprehension, vocabulary and sense of story structure. Storytelling stimulates children’s imagination and visualization. These skills are all critical to reading comprehension and writing.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Learn fun new fables, folktales and fairy tales
  • Tell stories one-day a month at a school near you
  • Keep track of when and where you tell stories
  • Communicate your schedule with your teachers

Time commitment: This is a very flexible volunteer position! While we ask that you tell stories to your assigned classrooms(s) one day a month, you decide how many classrooms to take on and you set your schedule with your teachers to fit your and her/his schedule.

Training and support:

  • Four-day training will teach you all the skills you need to be a classroom storyteller.
  • You’ll shadow experienced storytelling volunteers until you feel comfortable telling on your own.
  • Monthly Chapter meetings help you further polish this new skill.

Why Volunteer? Benefits include:

  • Building literacy and imagination in children
  • Learning skills to be a better parent or grandparent
  • Seeing the awe in children’s faces
  • Getting hugs in grocery stores
  • Strengthening the fabric of your community
  • Fun interaction with other passionate volunteers
  • Making a difference in the lives of children

“My husband Tom says he notices a distinct change in my demeanor when I return home from a storytelling session.  He says there is always a smile on my face, a lightness in my walk and a joyous outlook for the rest of the day. ” — Judy, a volunteer from Broomfield CO


“Storytelling with Spellbinders has given me so much more than I ever expected. It is a profound joy. I’ve also found that my memory is more enhanced with storytelling than with any other thing I’ve done. In my experience, stories build bridges between people.” — Mary, a volunteer in Ft. Collins CO


“I cannot believe the joy I am having in this my 80th year, nor would I have guessed the new energy I seem to have. ”   – Paschal, a volunteer from Lexington, KY